Colonel Miklosy, part 2 – Silver Merit Medal

This is the Silver Military Merit Medal with swords in its original box and with the 1917 award paper to the (then) Lieutenant Nikolajevics in the 301st Honved Infantry Regiment – his name would be changed to Miklosy only in 1935 but that is a different story to be told here later.

With (Austro-) Hungarian medals and groups the existence of papers have the real value to me as a researcher. As the medals themselves are not named and most often are not combined in a fixed bar but consist of the loose medals with trifold ribbons to be worn separately on loops on the uniform the only practical value for the researcher is in the name of the wearer as it is contained in the documents belonging to the medals.

We are lucky that the Hungarian Military Archives had a citation paper regarding this medal. As it was in German I will give my translation here.

In the morning hours of the 5th of March, 1917 when superior enemy units attacked our positions on the Vinot heights, he distinguished himself with death-defying behavior and with energetic actions of the machineguns by, at the right moment giving strong fire against the flanks of the enemy attack causing strong losses, in which he contributed strongly in the repelling of the attack. He continued with his men, throughout the day, in killing enemy artillery fire that destroyed our positions almost entirely, to stand his ground.

The 301st Honved Infantry Regiment was in 1917 part of the Austro-Hungarian 7th Army that fought in the Russo-Romanian front in these beginning days of the Russian revolution that would change the war.

With my sincere thanks to the Hungarian Military Archives who provided me with the citation!



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