Colonel Miklosy, part 1 – Bulgarian St. Alexander Order 4th Class

Sometimes it is hard to explain the background of a strange medal in a group. In this case the Bulgarian Order of Saint Alexander 4th class in the medalgroup of the Hungarian Colonel Miklosy. I am preparing an article about this Colonel whose career covers two wars and 3 years as POW in Russia after WW2 .

First I received some medals and papers and after further research in the family archives of the seller more info, more papers and medals came to me. Still more is coming I hope.

The recent arrival of the paper on the right side of the photo helped me to explain this medal in the group which before had not been possible.

It is the official description of the formal Hungarian participation in the opening in 1935 of a Mausoleum in Varna, Bulgaria.

The Mausoleum was made in honour of the Polish / Hungarian / Croatian King Vladyslaw III. The Mausoleum was placed in Varna, the city in Bulgaria where history places his untimely death at the age of 20 in a battle against the Turks in 1444.

A group of 4 Hungarian officers participated as the Hungarian delegation in this opening of which Miklosy was one. All participants received Bulgarian orders for their participation in the opening according to rank.

For Miklosy we now have a background for his Bulgarian St. Alexander order 4th class!



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